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How to Spend 48 Hours in New Orleans

Back in College a group of us decided to take the weekend and road trip down to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. The road trip in itself was an adventure and took us 27 hours of straight driving to get there. We ended up going the weekend after Fat Tuesday so we weren’t there when the party was in full swing, but that didn’t seem to slow anything down! So if you have limited time to spend in New Orleans and want to make the most of it, continue reading to find out how we spent 48 hours in New Orleans.

Day 1

Go on a Swamp Tour

Something New Orleans is known for is Bayou tours. It was a great start to the weekend and a good way to re-coup from the long drive. However, it gets cold out on the water, so make sure to bring an extra layer. The tour itself took around 1-2 hours and we got to see all the cool animals and wildlife that live in the swamps… we even got to hold a baby alligator!

Try Jambalaya

You can’t visit New Orleans without trying some Jambalaya. It’s not hard to find, we stumbled into a random restaurant off the main street and weren’t disappointed.

Hit Bourbon Street at Night

One of the highlights of our trip was walking down Bourbon street and listening to all the music and hopping in and out of bars. If you are as into people watching as I am, that alone is a good enough reason to take a quick stroll down Bourbon Street. And of course, you will need to get a Hand Grenade (the long green drinks) to complete the whole experience. 

Day 2

Visit the French Market

The French Market is a huge outdoor market which spans across 6 blocks in the French Quarter of New Orleans. It is also the oldest market in the United States. So definitely worth a walk through. I highly doubt you’ll be able to make it all six blocks without buying something. If you’re brave enough, you can even eat alligator. I was not.

Get a Huge Ass Beer

Literally, a Huge Ass Beer. 

Go on a Night Ghost Walking Tour

Aside from being known for its food, drinks and parties, New Orleans is also known for its spooky side. Take a ghost tour to be shown where all the creepy stuff really happens. 

This place has so much more to offer than the few things we were limited to doing in our 48 hours in New Orleans. Aside from its party reputation, New Orleans has so much history and beautiful scenery to take in. 

Other things to do in New Orleans:

  • Visit the New Orleans Cemetery – if you want to do this, make sure you book a tour. The cemetery has been closed off to general public access.
  •  Stop by the National WWII Museam
  •  See the St. Louis Cathedral
  •  Take a New Orleans cooking class
  • Go on a plantation tour 

… the list goes on. No matter how much time you have, you can make New Orleans a great adventure!