• Hiking in Zion National Park

    Hiking in Zion National Park

    I recently embarked on a cross country road trip from the west coat to the east coast. After spending the weekend in Las Vegas, I decided to make a stop in Zion National Park. I am also lucky enough to have a dad who shares my love of hiking and who decided to take work off to accompany his daughter for a couple days on the trails. After picking my dad up at the Vegas airport, we made the quick two hour drive to Zion and arrived with enough time for a couple trails.  Since I was in the middle of my road trip, we only spent about a day…

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    Hiking Machu Picchu: 4 Days on the Inca Trail

    A couple months back, Chris and I were asked to hike Machu Picchu in Peru. We immediately jumped at the chance to go. The next couple of months we spent trying to prepare ourselves mentally and physically for the four day hike. After loads of research, buying out L.L.Bean and actually using that monthly gym membership, I felt relatively confident. But nothing could fully prepare me for the truly amazing experience of hiking Machu Picchu. Day 1 Our alarm goes off unreasonably early at 4am. We stumble out of our bed and gather the last remaining items we hadn’t packed up the night before. I dressed in warm leggings, hiking…