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Explore Switzerland in One Week

In November of 2020, I took a trip to Switzerland with my parents. Switzerland quickly became on of my favorite countries. It has beautiful rolling hills, historic city centers and plenty of cheese fondue (although to be honest, I prefer chocolate fondue). The country is actually pretty small, which means if you only have 1 week in Switzerland, it is very doable to visit multiple places. Our trip started in Zurich and ended in Geneva. We actually flew in and out of Zurich and took a train back from Geneva on our last day, which was only a 4 hour train ride.

November was a great time to visit Switzerland. It was cold but it wasn’t as crowded as it would have been in the summer or warmer months. A downside to going in early winter is that we tried to do some hiking in the Swiss alps and a lot of the trails were closed because of an avalanche. However, the portion we did hike was breathtaking and I can only image what the view from the top of the trail would have been. Looks like I will have to go back to find out.

Stop 1: Zurich

Our first stop along the way was Zurich. We flew into Zurich airport and spent 2 Days in Zurich.

Stop 2: Lucerne (Luzern)

The next stop on our list was Lucerne, (or Luzern if you’re local). This cute little town was magical to explore. Check out things to do in Lucern.

Stop 3: Sierre

We continued into the mountains to Sierre. Sierre is a cute mountain town nestled below Crans-Montana. If you are visiting in the in-between seasons, these mountains make for beautiful hikes. 

Stop 4: Gstaad

After hiking in Sierre, we went to Gstaad to do a different kind of hiking. I found this cute Fondue Hike in Gstaad. You can pick up all of the supplies at any of the local cheese shops and then choose which trail you’d like to follow.

Stop 5: Geneva

Our last stop was Geneva. Check out what we did with 3 Days in Geneva.